You can spend a lot of your life waiting. Waiting for a partner, waiting for a promotion, waiting to travel, waiting for love, waiting until you feel ready to try something new, waiting to make ‘that change,’ waiting for more time to do x, y, and z…waiting waiting waiting. It’s empty spaces of time that you’re waiting to live. I know I have (and sometimes still do – sigh) fallen into this waiting phase. But you’ve got to get yourself out of it or you’ll look back and most likely regret that you didn’t live your life MORE.

You waited for that person, that relationship, that moment, enough money, until you lose weight, until you gain weight, until you’re ready, until you have more time until your children grow, whatever it is, you waited to live your life fully. I’m personally making a conscious choice to stop waiting and start living more now. We are capable of creating a life that is full, vibrant, adventurous, loving, interesting, and passionate…so stop waiting. Go out there and Live. ❤️

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