Your body.

Beautiful, strong, supple, life force

working every moment behind the scenes to keep you simply being.

Pumping, beating

growing, feeling

loving every ounce of your sweet beauty.

Providing nourishment and protection.

Giving you thoughts and Intuition.

Whispering to you when you need to listen.

When you treat your body badly,

with disrespect,

remind yourself…

Your body is the home you’ve built,

Allow it to stand tall and proud.

Get rid of toxicity and welcome in health.

Your home is not for sale,

never going on the market,

it can’t be replaced…

and to forget this,

would be a mistake.

Your body houses your entire life,

what a task to undertake.

But your body is doing so,

and magnificently at that.

So be loud and clear when you tell it thank you and practice gratitude for all it can do.

Self-love is yours,

you just need to know it.

Love your body,

love yourself,

and love everything in it.

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