Try to detach from the way you thought your life would happen. Everyone’s path and journey is different.

This is hard for me to share, as I never talk about my love life, but one of my biggest challenges (for years now) has been accepting that my desire to have a romantic life partner and children might not happen. I don’t know what will happen, but I’ve tried hard as of late to practice not getting attached to this hope of what I want to happen, and instead live each day as it is in the now…I’ve been recreating my happiness, and rewriting my story, with being by myself. Learning to love life and live to the fullest, even if it’s solo.

The more I detach from the idea, the less I cling to my thoughts of what’s missing. I try hard to not compare my life to everyone I see partnered up (coupled, married, or with kids and family) which to be honest, is hard…but the more I focus on what I have (health, food, my dog, a job, close friends), as opposed to what I don’t, the happier I feel just living. It takes conscious effort, but if you can detach from how you think your life should unfold, you might feel lighter and able to enjoy the present for what it is…a gift.

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