The most important relationship
you’ll ever have is with yourself. 

I am a yoga artist, trauma survivor, and mental health and wellness advocate. I’m passionate about helping others discover their true potential, find healing, and create a healthy lifestyle. 

I’m Indian by background…at age 5 my biological father took my biological mother’s life with a gun, I was adopted at age 9 by a Caucasian family (they are no longer in my life), and was in foster care for a few years prior. MY STORY carried a lot of trauma from my childhood into adulthood. When I discovered yoga in my early 30’s, it was instrumental in my healing, and I felt the positive changes in my body, physically and mentally, which was the catalyst in my desire to teach others about this lifelong, lifechanging practice.

I have completed over 200 hours of yoga teacher training and studied Vinyasa Yoga, Mindfulness, Anatomy, and Breathing Techniques. I am also Street Yoga certified, a non-profit organization which helps bring yoga to underprivileged youth on the streets. I have a degree in Business Marketing from the University of San Diego and studied abroad at St. Clare’s International College in Oxford, England. Although I’d say that Life has been, and continues to be, my biggest teacher.


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