”Ruin is the way to transformation.” I remember losing my job, losing my adoptive family and my biological father getting out of prison, all at the same time – and I was fully alone. I had an emotional breakdown and was depressed and anxious for a long time. I had to wait a month for my first unemployment check to arrive and had zero savings and no credit card. So I started recycling anything I could to get cash in the meantime…I took my clothes to re-sell stores for money, cut back/canceled cable and internet, bought food only for that day, walked everywhere instead of driving…as I waited for the first check to come so I could buy food and pay rent.

Not that it’s anything like we’re experiencing now, there’s no comparison, but I thought I’d share because we’re in this together. There’s so much comfort in that….now we can become more aware, more resourceful, cut out excess, reevaluate, reset, and restock our lives in general. It won’t be easy, but transformation and growth are never easy. But how blessed are we to grow and transform together and not alone? Choose to see the good.

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