I remember the first time I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, on a mission to eat cheesecake at Juniors…it was my first trip to New York, I was in my mid 20’s, naive to city life, and thought I knew who I was and what I wanted in life. I had always dreamed of moving to the city, so after finally visiting, my best friend and I made the leap to have our ‘Sex & the City’ moment. best. experience. ever.

13 years later…the bridge is still the same, NY still has a special place in my heart, but I am different. All the ‘life plans’ I had back then didn’t go as planned (getting married, having kids, becoming a big time corporate exec), none of which have occurred. Since my days of living in NY, I faced extreme challenges, difficulties, felt lost, alone, anxious, depressed, lived an unhealthy lifestyle trying to keep up in the fast lane. But had I not been determined and disciplined enough to face adversity straight on, I would have never figured out who I am – all that I’m capable of overcoming, the power of my own strength, my drive to become better, what makes me happy. The girl in my 20’s had to go through dark times to transform into the woman I am today – to grow physically, mentally, spiritually.

The challenges we face present opportunities for us to learn and grow in ways we may never have been able to had things gone ‘as planned.’ A nice reminder that even the most difficult situations can bring about positive life changes.

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