I haven’t spoken on gun violence but it’s hard not to share my opinion with so much tragedy in the world created by them, especially over this past weekend…

I HATE guns. I have zero tolerance for them.

I hate that people can purchase a gun so freely with the power to take someone’s life.

I hate that they’re sold as ‘toys’ to kids.

I hate that people feel so scared they buy one to have in their home for self-protection.

I hate watching movies/shows where actors killing with a gun seems so ‘normal’ and is ‘entertainment.’ I hate that one gun created so much loss in my personal life.

One gun took my mother from me. 

That same gun took my father from me. 

The same gun left me in foster care. 

The same gun took away my adoptive family.

The same gun left me with my depression and anxiety.

One gun has literally changed and affected my entire life.

This is not a negative ‘woe as me’ share. This is an honest, raw, real-life share. I’ve personally felt the loss created by one gun and understand the emotional aftermath and wreckage it causes to someone’s life who remains alive when someone they love is taken away by a bullet.

Gun violence is real. It’s awful. It’s scary.

It’s out of control in our world. 

I’m making it my personal mission to raise more awareness and be an advocate to saying no more guns.

Save a life. Save many lives.

Speak up and end the gun war. 🙏🏽

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