You must train for life. The stronger you get, mentally and physically, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges that come your way. You’ll never be fully prepared, but why not be functioning at optimal health to assist when life does get crazy or dark? If you do the work now, you’ll be stronger and more resilient when it’s time to face the difficulties that come with being alive.

Make the right decisions. Carve out time for you. If you work all day, fit in physical activity, run errands, cook, clean, hang out with friends, and sleep…the time for yourself to grow and improve is limited. You must lean out your life (food, alcohol, friends, materialistic stuff, work demands), cut out, and cut back, to add the good stuff in.

To grow your mind and body, you must spend time fully alone. Can you go an entire week just being with you? Do you feel the need to constantly fill your time up with social commitments? Are you uncomfortable being with just yourself? Can you say no to taking more on at work and not fall into the trap of needing to achieve more? Do you rely on the company of others to give you a sense of purpose and to have fun?

Take time to examine these things and see how you can make time to build a relationship with just YOU. And I’m not talking about drive time in the car, showering, whatever you do solo. I’m talking about real, quality, intimate alone time with yourself. The time that you might normally fill with other people, work, or TV. Prioritize a relationship with yourself, and get to know yourself on the most intimate level you can…this will naturally strengthen you physically and mentally so you are prepared and can show up strong when life gets tough.

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