I’ve had a lot going on lately and some life changes occurring, which has made it difficult to make it to my mat daily like I normally do. However, by not physically practicing as often right now, I’ve reconnected with my yoga practice in other areas of my life. Yoga is not just about the asana, the physical…yoga is so much more…yoga is about being fully present, and aware, observing your reaction to what comes your way, and practicing patience and compassion. My yoga has only increased in these areas as of late. Coming back to my breath, easing anxiety and worry, reminding myself that what I really need to live is simple, and consciously choosing self-study, are all ways I’ve been practicing off my mat.

This part of yoga expands to so much more beyond the mat. Yoga is mind, body, soul, and connection. The more it seeps into my entire life, the more I develop awareness, the more I release, the more I breathe, the more I come back to my spiritual self, the more I appreciate and see beauty and the more I live. The energetic breakthroughs I’ve felt as of late, would not have occurred without practicing yoga off my mat, separate from the physical.

It’s easy to see yoga poses and think that’s all the practice is about, but there’s so much more. Yoga is a lifestyle, a way of living, thinking, expressing, giving, loving, and creating. The asana is part of the journey and the journey is intertwined with so much more.

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