When I walked into the studio the other day I realized how yoga has really become my way of living. Reflecting, everything I’ve implemented in my life has started by breakthroughs I’ve had on my mat.

I believe humans were not made to be sedentary, to not have technology do everything for us, to not work long hours behind a desk. I found myself conforming to this idea of how I thought I should live my life and placed pressure on myself to keep up…get a corporate job, work long hours, and climb the corporate ladder; I felt behind since I wasn’t married with at least 3 kids by now, and my life wasn’t going the way I saw the lives of others going. I lived in a constant state of stress and concealed emotions from my past.

The more I’ve allowed yoga to seep into every corner of my life and make a home in every part of me, the more I’ve seen my life change for the better and I have a clear understanding of what really makes me happy inside. Not what makes me happy to present to the outside. I’ve had people ask me how I travel so often, how I have time for yoga, do I work full time, etc…the answer is I’ve made a conscious choice of how I want to live my life and the value I place on things. I place a high value on self-care, all-encompassing, mind-body spirit.

I have consciously chosen to not advance at work in order to have less stress and work regular hours, so I have more time to do what I love…yoga, travel, and practice self-discovery. I have more time to enjoy my evenings, cook dinner, hang with my dog Lyle, and watch the sunset. I make less money but I don’t go out to dinner as much as I used to. I’m not as social during the week because yoga is my priority and I spend my money on travel and wellness. I live as simply and minimally as I can, cutting back where I can. I try to be mindful of buying only what I need and get rid of what I don’t. The things I really enjoy on a daily basis are free…walks, sunsets, picnics, conversations with friends…Yoga is a lifestyle that develops your awareness to living a full, balanced, simple, minimal, loving, and creative life. I’m so incredibly grateful for my yoga way of living and loving.

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