When my father took my mother’s life at age 5, I had no idea the mountain of emotional complexity I’d be climbing for years to follow, all the way into my adulthood. I lived with about 4 different families by the time I was a young teen with many different identities; conforming myself to fit into each living situation, subconsciously wanting to be accepted and loved. Without knowing it, I developed an acute sense of observing the people around me…how they behaved, how they looked, what made them angry, sad, happy. I learned how to study people at an early age, and adapt myself to fit into a world I felt out of place in.

While this was a survival tool in my younger years, it became self-detrimental in my adult years. I constantly compared myself to everyone around me, which meant I never felt good enough. It’s taken years of self-work, awareness, and positive self-talk to love and accept myself as I am. It’s really easy to fall into the comparison trap (I know I still do), especially in our world today. But keep climbing the mountain of self doubt cause at the top you’ll find your own sense of self, your inner strength, your own unique beauty, you’ll find you. And the world needs more of YOU.

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