My 30s have been some of the toughest years of my life. Certain events that occurred triggered deep wounds from my adolescent years all over again. Abandonment, depression, anxiety, lack of self-worth, feeling unworthy of unconditional love. And while I know the saying you should always love yourself unconditionally, ironically, it’s also one of the hardest loves of all.

It’s been many years to got to this point in my life of exploring a relationship with me, myself, and I…and slowly falling in love with ME. I spend a lot of time alone, and most times prefer it; I’m a feeler, a thinker, and an introvert. This solo time has created a lot of space for going deep inside and having some dark days, I mean so dark I didn’t think I’d ever get through it. But I will say that once the light does shine again, those dark days seem to get me closer to my soul. The closer I get to understanding, getting to know myself, and wanting to evolve more, the more I feel content with who I am in this world, and the more I love myself.

Slowly falling in love with myself has given me the confidence to share who I am with the world and to embrace my vulnerabilities. I hope that maybe I inspire someone else, even You if you’re reading, to know that…in the depths of your darkness, when life is really painful, this is part of the process of falling more in love with who you are; believe in your purpose to pull out of it and help others going through the same. We all need help at times and we all need to help others. We are sharing the human experience…its what makes this world beautiful. With darkness comes light.

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