I’m scared.

‘You’ve got this’ she said.

But what if I fall?

‘Then I’ll catch you’ she stated. 

I’m not ready.

‘No one ever is’ she chuckled. 

What if I’m not good enough?

‘Oh sweet girl, forget good. You are great.’ She said with a smile in her eyes.

I am trying to be brave.

‘You already are’ she reminded me.

Okay, here I go.

‘That’s my girl’ she said proudly. 

But I wish you were here.

‘My baby, I am always with you. I am your Mother and I am never leaving’ my Mom whispered lovingly.


Every day I still miss my Mom, I still think about her…how she would have been, and what she would have said to help me navigate through life, especially when it feels hard. How much I know she loved me since I can still feel it. I call this poem “Love from my Mom” and hope it resonates with you.

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